Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celebrating changes in life

As I continue searching for my focus and passion, I am trying celebrate the many changes that we are considering.  Our 22-year old daughter has worked two part-time jobs during her last year of college.  She wants to be independent and live with friends, or at least she thinks she does.  I sense she thinks this is the right thing to do, but a part of her is not sure.

I love having her at home.  I know she is safe  She has access to food, laundry, and her own room.  Of course, many children would have left for college by now.  Part of me says, I am lucky she lived at home for this long.  Of course, I want her to be independent.  This announcement just took my be surprise.

As I adapt to her being transitioning toher new place, I am trying to be supportive and remain open minded.  I have told her she can come home at anytime.  In my new found freedom with less laundry, I am trying to focus on the new things she is learning rather than missing her.

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